We are proud to offer you this selection of great tasting coffees. Our beans are roasted by Reunion Island, Canada's "greenest" coffee roaster and one of its most respected. All of the KLINK coffees below are 100% Rainforest Alliance beans ensuring an ethical supply chain.

Whole Bean

Roasted full bean

Ground (Coarse)

Ground for French Press / Perc


Ground (regular)

Ground for drip.

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Tropical fruit, winey, toasted almond, caramel

KLINK’s medium roast coffee features beans from Nicaragua, Peru, and Tanzania, which when combined present a balanced cup, full of nuanced characteristics. Beans from Nicaragua provide the strong base, with a touch of sweetness. Beans from Peru provide the ‘low-note’ heaviness and body. And the Tanzania beans from the Ngoro Ngoro gorge are added for their delicate sweet, fruit-flavours.


Bittersweet Chocolate, smoky, full bodied

KLINK’s dark roast is what is known in North America as a French roast, it’s actually much darker than a traditional French coffee. The coffee is roasted to the point that the beans reach a deep, dark brown color and aromatic oils coat the surface of the beans.


Caramel, red berries, walnuts with a sweet, buttery finish

KLINK’s expresso is jam-packed with flavour, while still maintaining remarkable clarity as both a straight espresso or in milk-based drinks. A stellar example of the sophisticated flavor spectrum that espresso drinkers across North America have come to expect.


Buttery, caramelized sugar, dark chocolate, clean finish

KLINK’s decaf is an exceptional, single origin coffee from a progressive, Rainforest Alliance certified producer group in South America. Roasted to a medium level to accentuate its buttery body and caramelized sugar flavors. With its dark chocolate notes and clean finish, this decaffeinated coffee is ideal for traditional drip and espresso brewing.