Our Mission

KLINK, as part of John Howard Society of Toronto, is dedicated to ensuring a safer community by providing programs and services to help people become responsible community members. We work with people returning home from prison and offer many different levels of support depending on what the individual needs. Over the years, we have found that one of the largest obstacles that people face is finding good and sustainable employment.

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Our Story

To help combat that problem, in 2013, John Howard Society of Toronto created KLINK Coffee with seed funding from the former Human Resources and Skills Development Department of the Federal Government. Our goal was to create a vehicle to help people overcome this largest obstacle.

Today, too many job applications ask if you have not received a pardon for a conviction. People are faced with a decision and a dilemma. Answer the question “YES” and you are automatically screened out in many cases or you can answer “NO” but live with the anxiety of being discovered, fired and ostracized even further.

This is a growing problem in Canada and around the world. That is why KLINK was created and why we are working to open doors that would otherwise be closed to people with a record.

KLINK is a social enterprise and by definition means it was created to help people who are marginalized in our society for some reason. Our particular mission is to help people who are trying to reenter the work force with a criminal record. Help them restart their life and reintegrate into our community.

The work we do has a social value – the importance of a job cannot be underestimated. To find out more of what this means clink on KLINK Social Value.

Meet the Team

Our team of dedicated staff share a passion for what we do. With a commitment to serving our customers and community, this truly is a crew brewed with care and purpose!

Mark Kerwin

Executive Director

Chief Ruckus Maker and Possibilitarian, Brew Barista, and Steward of the Bean

Zoe Layne

V.P. of Sales

Chief Non-Procaffenator - If she doesn't drink the coffee she's grounded

KLINK Coffee Team

Ted Addie

KLINK Manager

Captain of the Coffee and Counter of the Bean (because someone has to count them)

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